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Michel Zanoboli addresses to his Audience Featured

In May 2004 Michel won in the competition EMER JAZZ FESTIVAL at the Flaiano Theatre in Rome with hi Jazz Quartet. In August 2004 he participated with a Jazz Trio the competition "PALAZZO VALENTINI PRIZE" held at Villa Celimontana in Rome. On 13-14 November 2004 he won the competition "PREMIO INCROCI SONORI JAZZ" original songs. The competition was held at the Teatro Matteotti Torino Moncalieri, getting the chance to record a compact disk, made for the "PHILOLOGY LABEL". Disc title "Chromatism". On 10-11 June 2005, he participated as a soloist, earning the prize of 3rd classified in the international competition "MASSIMO URBANI INTERNATIONAL AWARD" held in Camerino (Macerata).
EXPERIENCE Michel in the early years of experience in the jazz world, under the guidance of Saint Louis's Management, proposed his projects for several years in various ensembles at Villa Celimontana, in conjunction with the exhibition of "ESTATE ROMANA". Currently, he aims at jazz clubs including the Romans BE-BOP, CLASSICO VILLAGE, JAZZ CLUB BILLIARDS, BEBA DO SAMBA, etc.. and in jazz clubs in the provinces of Lazio, Abruzzo, Marche and Emilia.
In 2004 became part of STUDIO JAZZ BIG BAND conducted by Mario Corvino with which proposed to BE-BOP, CLASSIC and LA PALMA. In April 2006 recorded a live concert to create a disc with a label Marche. in 2005 with "MICHEL ZANOBOLI TRIO" worked on a recording project with original songs written and arranged by myself to be implemented in the study. The projects underway are: - Mick & Pat Duo (piano and vocals): repertoire soul, jazz, gospel; - Michel Zanoboli "One Man Band":  repertoire original Jazz songs. On August 2016 Michel Zanoboli published his new cd “Mick’s Tune” with 13 original songs arranged and performed by the artist on all instruments. Patrizia Ferranti sings in two songs (“Dreamland” and “We Two”)
Michel Zanoboli:
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