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[MARKETING] Posting Content is Not Enough....

Major question posed by marketers using social is not “how do I get the most likes?”, but rather “how do I connect and engage with the Audience in a meaningful way that helps business objectives?”.

In today’s marketing landscape, not only does a brand’s content, advertising and marketing materials have to connect to its audience, it has to inspire that audience to share it, talk about it, and in some cases, participate in the campaign.

Does a campaign become more credible and authentic once the consumer is involved?
It seems the resounding answer has been yes.

Amplifying marketing messages and campaigns involves designing your marketing activities to have an inherently social motivator that inspires broader engagement and sharing – which, ultimately, is what ensures success for any campaign efforts.

This means much more than planning a marketing campaign and then thinking that “let’s do something social.” In today’s marketing landscape, simply uploading a television commercial to YouTube is not enough.

Designing consumer-led and driven campaigns that are inherently social means that the core concepts for campaigns must invite the Audience to share and participate in an experience.

This could mean something as simple as encouraging conversation centered around a branded hashtag to sourcing content from your community to be used in marketing materials and Your Own ecommerce pages.
This social purchase experience creates a new opportunity for brands to leverage social media across the whole value chain.
The challenge you have to face, however, is determining how to best leverage these ongoing social media conversations into an improved purchase experience. Artist must become a Brand. Use the necessary Marketing Material to enlight all this above
The Heart of your Online Marketing is your Own Web Site - Drive Traffic to it!
Be Unique, Build a strong Community, Tell your Audience a Story about your Music, Produce Content and Market it! You probably better understand the #TRSV motto "Artists at the Heart of the Process" Sources: PHMC GPE LLC - Coffee Break

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