BlendJazz - Mixon, Rice, Payton


Mixon, Rice, Payton

Genre: Adult Contemporary Jazz
Resident: USA, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Instruments: Earl Rice (keyboards/Synths/Piano), Henry Mixon (Bass Guitar), Anthony Payton (Drums)

Earl Rice (keys, synths, vocals), Henry Mixon (bass) and Deandre Woods (drums), from the band BLEND (formed in 2007), reorganized and created the current band, BlendJazz in 2011. BlendJazz released it's new project entitled EVOLUTION on August 2, 2012. Their second release, NOT THE SAME, was released in April 2015. Their third cd, Music Do What It Do, was released April 15, 2016. In April 2016, AnthonyStix Payton came on as the band's drummer. Their 4th release, Writing On The Wall, was released March 2017, expanding their range of musicianship and moving into uses of the latest music industry technology. The music is contemporary adult jazz infused with a smooth jazz/ R&B feel with an edge from other genres. Both Evolution and NOT THE SAME allowed BlendJazz to explore and to create new avenues in contemporary smooth jazz sounds. With the release of their 3rd CD, Music Do What It Do, BlendJazz draws on those experiences and delivers a "chillaxing" array of tracks for your total enjoyment . Writing On The Wall moves BlendJazz' music to a new level of sound and feel...Hang on as BlendJazz forges on to new heights in future releases!!!! Enjoy The Music... HAVE A JAZZY DAY!!!!!

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