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    You cant afford to miss "Holiday Dream" by Jack Scannell just added on #TRSV #Radio Hits.....
    On rotation starting NOV 17th, 2017
    Tune in and share it...
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    Philippe E. Maille "Holiday Dream" by Jack Scannell yesterday

    DONATE $5 or MORE and GET 15 free songs plus secret access to everything before the public!!! ! Niara Solarris - Buffalo 2 Brixton (Prod. by... Show more

    Good morning ... Philippe E. Maille, let's fix this broken world ...if it only would be that easy !!! Have a Great day

    "The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." --- Leo Tolstoy
    Happy Monday!

    Feat Karl Johnson (guitar)...CD,, Philippe E.

    All Good!

    #TRSV Main site is back up Online .... The Brand new server working like a Charm!

    #EasyApache4 U my #BestFriend .... definitely ! - at Newark

    When u realize after a
    long struggle that a
    #PHP lib is missing!!!

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