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It is totally free to start a project on The Rising Star Ventures. There is absolutely no cost for signing up!

No Gatekeeper! Every Artist can sign up!

We don’t have any gatekeeper telling you that you cannot sign up on The Rising Star Ventures! We let the crowd decide which artist has the chance to fulfil his dreams! There is no registration or pre-check form or whatsoever. You can start funding right away! Everybody is equal and has the same chances – whether you are a newcomer or a superstar!

Keep your Rights!

We absolutely don’t gather any ownership or intellectual property of your music.
(if you are checking other platforms check their policy on this!)

We are also a Social Community

We are one of the few music crowdfunding platforms keeping a social community. Currently there are over 10.000 music lovers (and counting! - we call them Fans or Funders) signed up on The Rising Star Ventures sites and Social Media pages. Our community based system gives you all kind of tools to get in touch with them (personal messages, blogs, walls, news stream, etc…).

We are Music Lovers and Industry Specialists

Everybody working at The Rising Star Ventures loves music and has had numerous years of industry experience and some of us are still active as musicians
(we could even form a Band within our office stuff, but till Phil wants to be the singer… we postponed!). We have worked at music labels, music publishing companies, promotion agencies, media agencies, music management companies, booking agencies and so on and so for. Apart from that we love going to concerts, listening to music and some of us are even vinyl lovers.

Active Support

We share our knowledge with you. We have been doing this since 2010 with Futures Entertainment and thus we have gathered a vast amount of knowledge. Check our support section for some inspiration on how to make a funding successful! You can also get in touch with us prior to signing up on The Rising Star Ventures if you have questions.

We offer more than the Funding itself…

We can offer you special prices at third party solution services (like promotion, cd printing etc). Unlike most other platforms we do not get a kickback from these companies, instead we pass the kickback directly on to you by negotiating a better deal! We can also offer you low price fulfillment services for printing and sending out your CDs or other stuff after a successful funding worldwide! Check out our Service section. We even offer you a complete range of Services to ease your process and save your time.

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  • All Free TRSV Services
  • Your Music on TRSV Radio rotation
    (5 tracks max.)
  • Track "On Air" posted on Twitter
  • All Free TRSV Services
  • Your Music on TRSV Radio rotation
    (Unlimited tracks included also into
    Special Events)
  • Track "On Air" posted on Twitter and Facebook
  • 1 Jingle advert twice a day
  • 1 Marketing Campaign posted every 25 hours on 7 Facebook Pages and profiles
  • 1 Dedicated page on the TRSV
    Featured Artist section
  • Marketing Advice

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